Projects that have successfully launched and turned into MVPs

Worked with great designers and developers, playing a crucial role in architecting the code structure, implementing industry best practices, and establishing a robust delivery pipeline.

Vou Pra Lá

Trip booking and expense sharing platform

The motivation behind this project was to create a user-friendly platform that allows users to plan and book trips together while efficiently managing and sharing expenses. The idea stemmed from PO personal experiences seeing an opportunity to solve manage expenses problems during group trips.

Portal Shopbanx

POS management and finance platform

A comprehensive and user-friendly platform for managing financial transactions conducted through credit card machines. The idea behind the project was to update the existing user portal to efficiently handle and analyze transactions, providing valuable insights with centralized management of multiple store locations.

other work

Relevant work I was part of as a consultant or freelancing

Landing page

Stage: Company institutional page

Stage Consulting

4 weeks

Figma, Next.js, ChakraUI, Strapi, Turborepo

This landing page aimed to create a visually captivating and user-friendly web page. Its goals include enhancing brand visibility, fostering a positive impression among visitors, providing clear and concise information about the institution's mission and services, and encouraging user engagement and conversions. The project was built upon a monorepo (Turborepo) with a comprehensive design system.

Landing Page

Shopbanx: Lead generation page and form

Stage Consulting

4 weeks

Figma, Next.js, ChakraUI, Nest.js, Azure, PostgresSQL

This project aimed to generate leads by creating an enticing and user-friendly form, incorporating eye-catching design, clear value propositions, and minimal fields to maximize conversions. With compelling CTA buttons and responsive layout, the form ensured a seamless experience across devices, enticing visitors to submit their information willingly and boosting lead generation.

Mobile App

Flatmatch: Chat feature in a mobile app like Tinder but for rentals


2 weeks

React Native, Expo, Firebase

Helped implement a chat feature to seamlessly communicate with potential renters or landlords, facilitating quick and efficient discussions about property listings, terms, and negotiations. The chat feature enhanced the user experience, making it easier for individuals to find and secure their ideal rental arrangements with just a few taps on their smartphones.

Management System

QSaude: platform to help contracting process in health plans

Stage Consulting

4 weeks

React, Vite, Stitches, Azure

Helped to build a user-friendly frontend, streamlining the process and improving efficiency. Development phase involved transform Figma prototypes into intuitive interfaces and seamless interactions to enhance the user experience.